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Maintenance Plan in Tulare & Kings County

The Importance of HVAC preventative maintenance

At Starace Mechanical we HIGHLY recommend preventive maintenance to our customers for an endless amount of reasons, think of preventive HVAC maintenance in the same way as the preventive maintenance for your car: If you don’t change the oil and replace belts and filters, the engine will lock up and the vehicle won’t operate. The same holds true for HVAC systems. HVAC equipment maintenance isn’t nearly expensive compared to what you might spend if your system degrades (and ultimately fails). Not to mention being without climate control in extreme temperatures for an unexpected failure.

*Why buy a preventative maintenance plan?

*REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILL: By keeping your equipment cleaned and calibrated your heating and cooling unit will be running in top condition thereby maximizing performance and lowering energy use.

*PROLONG EQUIPMENT LIFE: Routine maintenance will keep your equipment in tip top shape which will prolong the equipment life and ensure your equipment manufacturer warranty.

*ENSURE PROPER OPERATION: Most all emergency service calls due to unit not working could have been prevented by having your system serviced before the heat or cold season.

Efficiency: As with the life of the system, a well-maintained HVAC unit will run more efficiently. Research shows that dirty or unmaintained equipment needs to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained system. The less wear and tear on the system means simple maintenance during the spring and fall months. Maintenance will be much quicker and smoother if a person takes the preventive steps to keep a system running in tip-top shape.

*MAXIMIZE SAFETY: Routine maintenance of your equipment assures safe operation – we can catch potential issues before they become safety problems that could save you big time in the long run!

*KEEP YOUR FAMILY HEALTHY: Over the years Visalia-Porterville-Hanford (Central Valley) Has been ranked in the top 10 most polluted cities in California by the American Lung Association! The air quality in the central valley can be impacted by many factors including ozone and particle pollutants, wildfires in neighboring states, humidity levels, heavy wind, and pollen. Poor air quality can negatively affect the health of senior citizens, small children, or those who have asthma, respiratory problems, cardiac disease, and allergies. During the summer months, coils tend to build up with pollen and mold. When you turn your heat on for the first time come fall, these spores are sent blasting through your home. We’ll thoroughly clean coils and other elements to ensure that this does not happen to your family! There is also an array of option for clean air filtration to give you the best detecting of clean air in your home or business

Ready for an upgrade? Finance your new HVAC system! We offer financing through Wells Fargo and Green Sky with options as flexible as 60 months 0 interest for New construction or Residential remodel projects. Green Sky financing can even be used for your commercial business upgrades! We are also a proud contractor for the HERO program by Renovate America where you can finance your residential HVAC upgrades with 0 money down-no credit needed. Give us a call for more information or to schedule a free in-home consolation when you mention this AD! 559-686-4312

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