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Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful answers to commonly asked questions regarding heating and air conditioning. When should you replace an air conditioner or heater? What is a SEER rating? What should be done when replacing your unit? …. And more.

Q: When and why should I replace my air conditioner or heater?

A: There a few reasons why you should replace your unit:

  • When repairs exceed the value of unit.
  • Because your unit is dead and you absolutely have to.
  • When you are just tired of being scared to open that electric or gas bill each month. Let’s be honest that one scares everybody.
  • If your unit is 8 to 10 years old. It is probably a 10 seer unit which is the standard seer rating.

Q: What is a SEER rating?

A: SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient ratio. This is factory measured testing ratio. EER rating is a energy efficient ratio that is actually field tested. This is the most important rating to follow. A 13 SEER is standard. With a 13 seer you will save 19 to 22 percent on your electric bill. Replacing your existing unit with a 15 seer can save you up to 29 percent on your electric bill.

Q: What should be done when replacing your unit?

A: The following should be taken care of when you replace your unit:
The return size is correct. Code upgrades, Plumbing upgrades, Gas flex Shut off valve, Sediment trap Painted condensation trap and drain Electrical scope, 60 amp disconnect, 1/2 whip, Circuit breaker, Thermostat, Ductest, Permit Cf6r, Hers test CF4R, Duct work tips.

Q: Should I replace my ducts?

A: Replacing leaky ducts can save up to 30 percent a month .The attic should be properly insulated. If you can see your trusses it’s time to Blow insulation in your attic. It is a small price to pay to Gain huge savings.

Q: What is infiltration?

A: When you are pulling outside air into your home. An air conditioners job is to bring the temperature on your thermostat down and cycle off. If it cycles off and comes right back on, then there is a problem.

Q: My unit will not shut off?

A: The envelope is not tight enough to hold it in which will keep you unit running Meter spinning and money flowing out of your pocket.

Starace mechanical is also Pge certified in Weatherzation. We can incorporate these repairs in your bid to maximize your savings and investment!